K-type slant helices on spacelike and timelike surfaces

  • Santosh Kumar Banaras Hindu University
  • Buddhadev Pal Banaras Hindu University
Keywords: spacelike curve, spacelike slant helices, spacelike surface, Darboux frame


We have derived a necessary and sufficient condition for a non-null normal spacelike curve lying in a spacelike or a timelike surface M ⊂ E13, so that the curve becomes a K-type spacelike slant helix with K ∈ {1,2,3}. We have used Darboux frame to define necessary and sufficient conditions. An example is given for a 1-type spacelike slant helix having a spacelike normal and a timelike binormal.


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Author Biographies

Santosh Kumar, Banaras Hindu University

Department of Mathematics

Buddhadev Pal, Banaras Hindu University

Department of Mathematics