Coefficients bounds for a family of bi-univalent functions defined by Horadam polynomials

  • Abbas Kareem Wanas University of Al-Qadisiyah
  • Basem A. Frasin Al al-Bayt University
  • Sondekola R. Swamy RV College of Engineering,
  • Yerragunta Sailaja RV College of Engineering
Keywords: Bi-univalent function, upper bound, Fekete–Szegö problem, Horadam polynomial, subordination


In the present paper, we determine upper bounds for the first two Taylor–Maclaurin coefficients |a2| and |a3| for a certain family of holomorphic and bi-univalent functions defined by using the Horadam polynomials. Also, we solve Fekete–Szegö problem of functions belonging to this family. Further, we point out several special cases of our results.


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Author Biographies

Abbas Kareem Wanas, University of Al-Qadisiyah

Department of Mathematics

Basem A. Frasin, Al al-Bayt University

Department of Mathematics

Sondekola R. Swamy, RV College of Engineering,

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Yerragunta Sailaja, RV College of Engineering

Department of Mathematics