Additions to the Finnish aphyllophoroid fungi


  • Panu Kunttu
  • Matti Kulju
  • Jorma Pennanen
  • Heikki Kotiranta
  • Panu Halme


A checklist of Finnish aphyllophoroid fungi was published in 2009. After that plenty of knowledge has been accumulated. Here we present all new information including three species new to Finland as well as species new to one or several boreal zone sections in Finland. Amyloathelia amylacea, Tubulicium vermiferum, and Tulasnella danica are reported as new to Finland, together with records of some species that are very rare in the whole of Finland, such as Athelia cystidiolophora, Brevicellicium exile, Chaetoporellus curvisporus, Melzericium udicola, Phlebia lindtneri, and Postia mappa. In total, 67 aphyllophoroid fungi are listed as new to some sections of the boreal or hemiboreal vegetation zone in Finland; new records have been made in altogether eight sections out of eleven. We accumulated here all records which were not included in the Finnish checklist, including those that have already been published somewhere else. Thus this paper can be used as a supplement to the checklist. 


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Kunttu, P., Kulju, M., Pennanen, J., Kotiranta, H., & Halme, P. (2011). Additions to the Finnish aphyllophoroid fungi. Folia Cryptogamica Estonica, 48, 25–30. Retrieved from