Distribution of Schistostega pennata in Latvia

  • Anna Mežaka
  • Uvis Suško
  • Ansis Opmanis


Information on Schistostega pennata is limited in the Baltic countries. In Latvia S. pennata is listed as ‘rare’ in the Red data book but still little is known about the species distribution in relation to habitat and substrate. A search of all available literature and unpublished records provided information on about 21 S. pennata records in Latvia from 1924 until 2010 from different habitats and substrates. In total 18 records of S. pennata were found from protected areas. The latest records suggest that it is more common in Woodland Key Habitats on Picea abies root mass, than on sandstone in Latvia. 


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MežakaA., SuškoU., & Opmanis, A. (2011). Distribution of Schistostega pennata in Latvia. Folia Cryptogamica Estonica, 48, 59-63. Retrieved from https://ojs.utlib.ee/index.php/FCE/article/view/13633