Mycological collections of Fedor (Theodor) Bucholtz


  • Erast Parmasto


The well-known taxonomist of hypogeous fungi Fedor Bucholtz (29 Oct 1872 – 30 April 1924) was born in Warsaw; after studies in Moscow University (1891–1895) he was a professor of botany in Riga Polytechnic Institute (1897–1919) and Tartu University. The rich herbarium of fungi collected by him was partly destroyed during World War I or lost when evacuated to Russia; it partly found a new home in the Farlow Herbarium of the Harvard University in the USA. In the Herbarium EAA of the Estonian University of Life Sciences (Tartu, Estonia) there are 2419 specimens collected by him. In 2010, among old unordered collections of microfungi about 650 specimens, collected possibly by Bucholtz were found in the herbarium TAAM in Tartu. There are 457 specimens (383 species) in tiny envelopes of similar size and paper. This is possibly Bucholtz ́s collection of reference specimens (assembled from larger samples of identified species) he kept with him during his enforced travels. A list of this collection is appended to this paper. 


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