The lichen genus Ochrolechia in the Baltic countries

  • Martin Kukwa


Nine Ochrolechia species have been identified in a revision of the genus in the Baltic countries: O. alboflavescens, O. androgyna, O. arborea, O. bahusiensis, O. frigida, O. microstictoides, O. pallescens, O. szatalaensis and O. turneri. O. bahusiensis is reported for the first time for Estonia and Lithuania, the occurrence of O. tartarea in the Baltic countries is doubtful and O. subviridis should be excluded from the Estonian checklist. An identification key for all listed taxa is provided. 


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Kukwa, M. (2017). The lichen genus Ochrolechia in the Baltic countries. Folia Cryptogamica Estonica, 46, 67-74. Retrieved from

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