Kuulo Kalamees – 75


  • Mall Vaasma


Kuulo Kalamees was born in Tartu on April 15, 1934. In 1958, he graduated from the University of Tartu as a biologist-botanist, his thorough diploma paper treated the agarics of southeastern Estonia. In 1975, he defended his thesis “Agarics in Estonia. Taxonomy, ecology and distribution” for an academic degree of Doctor of Science. His first articles in the field of mycology were published in his student’s years already. During the fifty years he has published over 200 scientific and popular-scientific papers, including over 20 books of which he is author, co-author or editor. The bulk of the papers published by Kalamees are about agarics. The routes of his study trips extend from Estonia to the Russian Far East, but also to Finland, Norway, France, Italy, Newfoundland, Greenland. Since 1997, he is a Professor Emeritus of Tartu University. Kuulo Kalamees is one of the founders of “Folia Cryptogamica Estonica”. 


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