The genera Conocybe and Pholiotina (Agaricomycotina, Bolbitiaceae) in temperate Asia


  • Anton Hausknecht
  • Kuulo Kalamees
  • Henning Knudsen
  • Viktor Mukhin


44 taxa of Conocybe and Pholiotina are reported from Siberia, Georgia and some of the countries in Middle Asia mostly based on the authors own collections. Three of them are described as new species, viz. C. semidesertorum Hauskn. & Kalamees, C. obliquopora Hauskn. & Kalamees and C. uralensis Hauskn., Knudsen & Mukhin. A further two and a variety are probably also new but not validly described due to insufficient material. A number of species are new records for Asia, or for Siberia, or for one of the four countries, Georgia, Tadjikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. A number of the species are rarely reported presumably due to their main distribution being in dry, grassy steppezones with soils of high pH values. This mycogeographical element includes e.g. C. enderlei, C. graminis, C. herbarum, C. leporina and C. subxerophytica, so far mostly or only known from the steppezone in eastern and central Europe through to Middle Asia. Pholiotina altaica and P. procera from Altaj are redescribed from the types. Several taxa are provided with macro- and/or microscopic data, taxonomic descriptions and drawings of microscopic features. The taxonomic reliability of the taxa presented in the literature up to the present time has been reviewed critically. 


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Hausknecht, A., Kalamees, K., Knudsen, H., & Mukhin, V. (2009). The genera Conocybe and Pholiotina (Agaricomycotina, Bolbitiaceae) in temperate Asia. Folia Cryptogamica Estonica, 45, 23–47. Retrieved from