New records of lichen species from western Mongolia


  • Markus Hauck
  • Tor Tønsberg
  • Helmut Mayrhofer
  • Uwe de Bruyn
  • Ochirbat Enkhtuya
  • Samjaa Javkhlan



New records of lichens are compiled for the Mongolian Altai and the Khangai, western Mongolia. All records are from the forest-steppe. A total of 31 species are reported for the first time from the Mongolia Altai and another 18 species are new for the Khangai. Nineteen species, namely Arthonia mediella, Bacidia circumspecta, Blastenia furfuracea, Calicium viride, Caloplaca chlorina, Cyphelium karelicum, Lecanora allophana, L. boligera, L. cadubriae, L. subintricata, Lepraria ecorticata, L. rigidula, Leptogium subtile, Ochrolechia szatalaënsis, O. turneri, Placynthiella dasaea, Rinodina freyi, R. septentrionalis, and R. trevisanii, are new to Mongolia. The finding of Lepraria ecorticata from the Altai is the only one from Central Asia, whereas Rinodina freyi was not known from the whole of Asia so far.


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Hauck, M., Tønsberg, T., Mayrhofer, H., de Bruyn, U., Enkhtuya, O., & Javkhlan, S. (2013). New records of lichen species from western Mongolia. Folia Cryptogamica Estonica, 50, 13–22.