Aphyllophoroid fungi of the Naryshkinskij Natural Park, Orel Region, Russia

  • Sergey V. Volobuev


The first data on aphyllophoroid Basidiomycetes of the Naryshkinskij Natural Park (Orel Region, European Russia) are presented. The annotated list of 92 species in 60–70-year-old secondary forest ecosystems is provided, including four new species (Hericium cirrhatum, Hydnum repandum, Odonticium septocystidia, Polyporus tubaeformis) for the Orel Region. The polypore species Antrodia hyalina recently discovered from Russia also has been found on the studied territory, from deciduous forest communities where Populus tremula is presented as a subdominant tree. Data on substrate and habitat type are listed for each species, and the numbers of herbarium specimens (LE, OHHI) are cited. The predominance of aspen and birch wood associated fungi is shown. Some rare and threatened in Europe species such as Antrodiella fragrans, Hericium cirrhatum, Perenniporia narymica, Punctularia strigosozonata, and Skeletocutis odora are recorded and discussed. 


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Volobuev, S. V. (1). Aphyllophoroid fungi of the Naryshkinskij Natural Park, Orel Region, Russia. Folia Cryptogamica Estonica, 50, 81-88. https://doi.org/10.12697/fce.2013.50.11