The lichens of the Cladonia pyxidata-chlorophaea complex in Belarus

  • Andrei Tsurykau
  • Vladimir Golubkov
Keywords: Cladoniaceae, chemotaxonomy, distribution, ecology


Based on an examination of c. 500 herbarium specimens of the Cladonia pyxidata-chlorophaea complex, this study deals with their morphology, secondary chemistry, habitat requirements and distribution in Belarus. Eleven taxa have been accepted, of which C. conista, C. cryptochlorophaea, C. homosekikaica, C. merochlorophaea, C. monomorpha and C. novochlo- rophaea are new to the country. Cladonia grayi appears to be the commonest species in the country (c. 40% of the studied specimens), and C. pyxidata is uncommon in Belarus, known only from 10 localities. The chemotypes of the species and their frequency in Belarus are indicated.


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Tsurykau, A., & Golubkov, V. (2015). The lichens of the Cladonia pyxidata-chlorophaea complex in Belarus. Folia Cryptogamica Estonica, 52, 63-71.