Crocodia Link. (Peltigeraceae, Lobarioideae) in northern Argentinean rainforests

  • Mariá Pía Rodríguez
  • Andrea Michlig
Keywords: Argentina, diversity, Peltigerales, Pseudocyphellaria


A revision of the lichen genus Crocodia Link. in northern Argentinean rainforests is presented. Three species were identified for the region: C. arvidssonii (D.J. Galloway) D.J. Galloway & Elix, C. aurata (Ach.) Link., and C. clathrata (De Not.) Trevis. The distribution range known for these species is extended: C. arvidssonii is recorded for the first time for the country; C. aurata for Corrientes, Misiones, and Salta provinces; and C. clathrata for Corrientes and Jujuy provinces. The morphology of each species is described and illustrated. A distribution map and a key to known species of the genus are also presented.


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Rodríguez , M. P., & Michlig , A. (2021). Crocodia Link. (Peltigeraceae, Lobarioideae) in northern Argentinean rainforests. Folia Cryptogamica Estonica, 58, 99–108.