New records of Laboulbeniales (Ascomycota) from Ukraine

  • Ruslan Mishustin
  • Alexander Khodosovtsev
Keywords: fungi, obligate insect ectoparasites, distribution, taxon occurrences, Europe


Twenty-four species of Laboulbeniales are reported for the first time from Ukraine. These species are Cantharomyces robustus, Coreomyces cf. macropus, Euzodiomyces lathrobii, Haplomyces texanus, Idiomyces peyritschii, Laboulbenia argutoris, L. asperata, L. clivinalis, L. coneglianensis, L. elaphri, L. elaphricola, L. inflata, L. metableti, L. murmanica, L. ophoni, L. pasquetii, L. philonthi, L. pseudomasei, Mimeomyces zeelandicus, Monoicomyces invisibilis, Rhachomyces canariensis, R. lasiophorus, Rhadinomyces pallidus, Sphaleromyces lathrobii. The genera Coreomyces, Euzodiomyces, Haplomyces, Idiomyces, Mimeomyces and the family Euceratomycetaceae are also new to the country.


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Mishustin, R., & Khodosovtsev, A. (2022). New records of Laboulbeniales (Ascomycota) from Ukraine. Folia Cryptogamica Estonica, 59, 53–60.

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