A study of body measurements of sporty and not sporty persons living in Pärnu county


  • Kandela Õun Research Centre of Pärnu College of the University of Tartu, Pärnu
  • Kaisa Kirikal Sports Union of Pärnu County, Pärnu




somatotypes, SD-classes, height, weight, BMI, sporty, not sporty


In 2019, a study was conducted on athletic activity among the inhabitants of Pärnu County. 1446 respondents aged 15–87 years participated in the study. The respondents were divided into two groups according to their athletic activity – respondents who are at least lightly active (named as SPORTY, n = 1244) and respondents with no sport activity (NOT SPORTY, n = 202). 41% of respondents had been engaged in physical activity for 10 years or more. A “not sporty” respondent is a person with a slight tendency to overweight, rather not satisfied with his/her health but quite satisfied with his/ her life and is short of time to work out but would like to engage in cycling, swimming or hiking. The “sporty” person’s body mass index is normal, and he/she has been engaged in sports for at least 10 years to achieve better physical fitness or well-being. He/she enjoys walking, cycling, or running. Women prefer group training; men prefer to train in the gym on their own. Respondents with more than five years of regular physical activity work out every week somewhat longer than others and, on average, a few hours more per week in summertime than in autumn and spring. Sporty respondents tend to be taller and of medium weight.


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