The museum of the History of Medicine of Vilnius University

  • Irma Kušeliauskaitė Museum of the History of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Vilnius University
  • Aistis Žalnora Centre of Medical Ethics, Law and History, Institute of Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Vilnius University
Keywords: Vilnius University, museum, history, exhibits


The museum of medicine of Vilnius university is one of the unique museums devoted to the issues of medicine in Lithuania. It was created out of the clinical practice by Vilnius university physicians. Early museum served as a curiosity cabinet as well as a teaching museum. After the closure of Vilnius university in the mid of 19th century the museum was destroyed by Tsar’s government. In the early 20th century museum was reestablished by the Polish government. The modern collections were added with craniological and osteological specimens as well as pathology exhibition. The contemporary museum was created in the last decade of 20th century. In the last period museum servers both academic and public interest. Museum includes interwar, soviet exhibits and collection of medical books.


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