Juhan Aul – 125 years from the birth of the founder of Estonian anthropology

  • Gudrun Veldre Department of Cardiology, University of Tartu, Estonia
Keywords: Juhan Aul, anthropological data, pedagogical anthropology, environment, heredity, upbringing, life-history, Markus Valge


On 15 October 2022, 125 years passed from the birth of Juhan Aul (1897–1994), the founder of Estonian anthropology. The article gives a brief overview of the versatile scientist’s contribution to the history of science and anthropology. Some aspects that have been particularly emphasized in his works, presentations and manuscripts and the importance of the anthropological data throughout the ages are highlighted. As a further development of the data collected by Juhan Aul, Markus Valge’s doctoral thesis was published in the year of his 125th birthday.


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