Women in family enterprises in Estonia


  • Maret Kirsipuu Estonian Maritime Academy
  • Uno Silberg Academy of Security Sciences




women, family, family enterprises, family business


This article objective is to give an overview of the women in family enterprises on the basis of theoretical sources and approaches. In order to achieve this goal, an overview of the research findings have been provided, which have analyzed a woman's role in the family business. Family firms and family entrepreneurs have been defined differently by different authors, but what all definitions have in common is the family is involvement in business activities. A family entrepreneur can be both an individual whose entrepreneurial activities involve family members and a company, which was founded by family members. In family entrepreneurships, the members have trust towards each other and they communicate frequently, which will help them to achieve a common goal. The studies reflect predominantly men as family entrepreneurs in whose business activity the family members, including wife and children participate. The European Union has not yet provided a coherent definition of the family business, while increasing the role of women in family businesses in ensuring gender equality and giving importance to the role of the woman as the family entrepreneur


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Kirsipuu, M., & Silberg, U. (2014). Women in family enterprises in Estonia. Estonian Discussions on Economic Policy, 21(2). https://doi.org/10.15157/tpep.v21i2.1235



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