Role of environment in strengthening competitiveness of cities by example of European Green Capitals and Tallinn

  • Jüri Ratas Tallinn University of Technology
  • Sulev Mäeltsemees Tallinn University of Technology
Keywords: city environment, competitiveness, sustainable development, European Green Capital (EGC), Tallinn


Guaranteeing a high-level living environment is one of the most important preconditions to the balanced and sustainable economic and social development of the European Union. Serious environmental problems can be seen in European cities, which are the places where most of the population live and which create the highest number of jobs, economic growth and added value. The level of urbanisation in Europe was 72.7% in 2010 and the UN forecast that it will increase to 82.2% by 2050. The European Green Capital Award was created in 2006 in order to recognise cities that have contributed to the improvement of their quality of life. The cities that have won the award have started using the most innovative and efficient measures for increasing the city’s competitiveness, and are an example of how to achieve sustainable development for all cities, not just capitals. The environmental indicators of cities that have won the European Green Capital Award are high. In this article the problem is analysed using the example of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, which strives for a place among cities with the highest quality of life in Europe. The objective of this article is to analyse the areas of the city’s environmental activities and environmental organisation in the context of increasing competitiveness. The original database used by the author in this article consists of the responses given by the governments of the cities who have already been awarded the title of European Green Capital when asked to describe the impact that applying for and achieving the title had on their cities


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Ratas, J., & Mäeltsemees, S. (1). Role of environment in strengthening competitiveness of cities by example of European Green Capitals and Tallinn. Estonian Discussions on Economic Policy, 21(2).
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