Estland: im Wirtschaftlichen Aufholprozess Steckengeblieben?


  • Claus-Friedrich Laaser Kiel Institute for the World Economy
  • Janno Reiljan Tartu Ülikool
  • Klaus Schrader Kiel Institute for the World Economy



catching-up, social security, growth and structural change


Estonia is widely regarded as a paramount example for a successful transformation of a socialist economic system to a functioning market economy. Against the backdrop of this positive image which contrasts strongly with the crisis scenarios in Southern Europe the remaining problems of Estonia are often ignored. Estonia has hardly succeeded in catching-up economically with the richer countries of the euro area. Correspondingly, the level of social security is rather limited. In this paper the authors raise the question what the causes of the sluggish catching-up process are, and which opportunities Estonian economic policy has in order to close the wealth gap.


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Laaser, C.-F., Reiljan, J., & Schrader, K. (2014). Estland: im Wirtschaftlichen Aufholprozess Steckengeblieben?. Estonian Discussions on Economic Policy, 22(1).



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