Wirtschaftliche Unterschiede im Ostseeraum - Wohlstandsgefälle trotz Aufholprozess

  • Klaus Schrader
Keywords: Regional integration, economic divergence, catching-up process, regional rankings


In this paper it is analyzed to what extent economic convergence in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) seems to be possible and whether the economic foundations and interfaces for a regional integration perspective within the EU exist. By means of appropriate regional indicators, the economic development of the BSR is examined and their economic potential is outlined. Due to the economic heterogeneity and the wealth gap at the BSR, an economic integration of the Baltic Rim regions at eye level appears to be an unrealistic goal. Nevertheless, there can be a common interest in an outward-oriented Baltic Sea cooperation with a limited integration perspective. Convergence would take place as a long-term process of rapprochement which does not necessarily lead to equal living conditions in the BSR.


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Klaus Schrader
Institut für Weltwirtschaft Kiel
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Schrader, K. (2018). Wirtschaftliche Unterschiede im Ostseeraum - Wohlstandsgefälle trotz Aufholprozess. Estonian Discussions on Economic Policy, 26(1-2). https://doi.org/10.15157/tpep.v26i1-2.14512