Rahastamine ja palgad Eesti kõrgkoolides ning konkurentsivõime


  • Matti Raudjärv




Estonian institutions of higher education and problems, positions of the European Union, trade unions, public meeting, salary negotiations, reform of doctoral studies, increasing the financing of higher education, retaining research financing, changes in salary rules, new academic career model, academic basic salary and basic financing, free education and studies with a tuition fee


The paper presents the general background of financing of Estonian institutions of higher education, the related salary system and its impact on competitiveness. Proceeding also from the positions of the European Union, the role of strong trade unions in salary negotiations is emphasised. The need for the reform of doctoral studies, changes in the salary rules and implementation of a new academic career model are discussed. Also introduction of an academic basic salary, i.e. basic financing has an important role, in order not to rely on only financing and security of salaries afforded by grants. Several discussions are presented through which the decision should be adopted whether to continue providing free education or to return to studies with tuition fees, above all for full-time students (if they have completed their curriculum). It is the position of the authors that Estonian institutions of higher education should not adopt studies with tuition fees just now, as the payers of the fees are relatively poor. We can apply tuition fees in studies when we become more wealthy. The paper is not based on surveys conducted and does not present research results but mainly describes the current situation – the current situation in economy and education and the related problems and possible solutions.


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Raudjärv, M. (2021). Rahastamine ja palgad Eesti kõrgkoolides ning konkurentsivõime. Estonian Discussions on Economic Policy, 29(1-2), 122–138. https://doi.org/10.15157/tpep.v29i1-2.18345



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