PPP-Projekte bei Regionalen Sozial-Wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung. PPP projektid regionaalses sotsiaalmajanduslikus arengus

  • Sulev Mäeltsemees Tallinner Technischer Universität
Keywords: Public Private Partnership, PPP-Model, co-operation, New Public Management, economic development, government, capital city, city council, school, dwelling house, rural municipality and city budgets act, borrowing, financial supervision


The purpose of this paper is to analyze the legal and economical problems of the PPP-projects (mainly in Tallinn) and the comparative analysis of the PPP-projects in some EU countries. Unfortunately the PPP-projects in Estonia is such a new topic that there have been no scientifically qualifiying publications written about it. Quite many topic-related articles have been published in journalism but the purpose of them has been mainly political. In Estonia (mainly in Tallinn) the PPP-projects have been exercised since year 2000. Since then the PPP-projects have been debated over by the state (Ministry of Finance) and the City of Tallinn about whether the PPPprojects should be counted into the debt obligations of the city or not? According to the Rural Municipality and City Budget Act a rural municipality or city may take loans, on the following conditions, the total amount of unrepaid loans shall not exceed 60 percent 20 per cent of proposed budget revenue for that budgetary year. Until 2008 Tallinn counted the costs of the PPP-projects only as yearly payments to the private sector but not as a loan. Since 2009 the new bookkeeping rules were enacted and the PPP-projects were counted upon the local government dept obligations. Thereat it is relevant to mention that the methodics of the Eurostat don`t calculate PPP-projects as dept obligations of the public sector. Until now the PPPprojects in Estonia have been exercised only for some years and it has been done only for renovation of the social infrastructure objects (schools) or construction (dwelling houses, sport structures). Although the PPP-projects have been planned to be used in development of the technical infrastructures (roads) these plans haven`t been accomplished yet. PPP-projects have been Tallinn-centered and the reason for this is that Tallinn has compared to other cities a lot more potential to administer and finance the complicated projects. More extensive use of the PPP-projects has been obstructed by the lack of the statewide regulations


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