In Memoriam. Akadeemik prof. Uno Mereste (27.05.1928-06.12.2009). In Memoriam Akademiker Prof. Uno Mereste.


  • Inga Lõokene



Professor UNO MERESTE was an outstanding scholar of economics and promoter of science. He is considered to be one of the most famous authors in the Baltics and elsewhere for his universal concept of matrix model that he developed in 1980-1990 for the financial analysis of public economy and business enterprises. This article introduces and describes in addition 22 original scientific achievements of Uno Mereste that are all applicable not only in economics but also in technical and social sciences. After graduating in 1950 from Tallinn Institute of Polytechnics as an economist specialising in finance Professor Uno Mereste started first practising as a lector in his field of study in Tallinn Technical School of Finance and thereafter in 1954 at Tartu State University as a senior lector of economic analysis. In his lectures he concentrated on the formalised approach to subjects and application of mathematical methods. He also taught financial accounting and several courses of statistical analysis. In 1957-1958 he continued his studies in Moscow Institute of Public Economy in a one-year post-graduate program. Studies under the guidance of western-minded professor N. Druzinin led to defending his Candidate’s Thesis on the topic “Issues concerning Absolute Increment Distribution of the Phenomenon between Factors and its Solution in Economic Statistics”. In 1962 he defended his thesis in Academy of Science of the ESSR and was awarded the scientific degree of the Candidate of Economics. In 1964 he became the Head in the Chair of Statistics and Financial Accounting (later Statistics) in Tallinn Polytechnic Institute where he worked until becoming Professor Emeritus in 1997. Altogether he worked 33 years in Tallinn Polytechnic Institute. In 1969 Uno Mereste completed his doctor thesis “Application of the Index Method in Economic Analysis. Theoretical and Methodological Study”. He defended the thesis in 1972 and obtained his Doctor’s Degree in economics and in 1973 Professorship. In 1994 professor Uno Mereste became an academician of the Estonian Academy of Science. Professor Uno Mereste played an important role in restoring Estonian independence. In 1988-1989 he was a member of Estonian National Council and one of the leaders of the I Congress of National Front. In 1989-1992 he held the office of Counsellor for the Planning Committee of the ESSR and Ministry of Economic Affairs of Estonian Republic preparing and implementing economic reforms. He participated in the re-establishment process of the Estonian monetary system and formation of the monetary policy as well as preparation of the draft Bank of Estonian Act as a member of Estonian Bank supervisory board in 1991-1992 and chairman of the supervisory board in 1992-1997. In 1992-2003 he was a member of Estonian Parliament for three election periods and a member of Tallinn Town Council in 1996-1999. Academician, professor Uno Mereste developed his own School in economic research and wrote numerous scientific publications. His departure is a great loss for the Estonian society.


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