Jaak Kangilaski - Scholar and Teacher


  • Sirje Helme




Jaak Kangilaski, Art Historian, Post -War Estonian Art, Professor of Art History


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Author Biography

Sirje Helme

Sirje Helme (PHD ) is Director-General of the Art Museum of Estonia. Her main research field is post-war art (modernism and avant-garde) in Estonia and East-Central Europe. Lecturer at the University of Tartu and the Estonian Academy of Arts, professor at the University of Tartu from 2012 to 2013. Articles have been published in several international journals; the author of A Concise History of Estonian Art, 1999 (co-author Prof. Jaak Kangilaski, translated into Finnish in 2001); Popkunst Forever. Estonian Pop Art at the Turn of the 1960s and 1970s, 2010; co-author of History of Estonian Art 1940-1990, volume 6, 2013; organizer of many conferences and seminars; editor of collections of critical essays (Nosy Nineties.  Problems, Themes and Meanings in Estonian Art on 1990s, 2001; Lost Eighties. Problems, Themes and Meanings in Estonian Art on 1980s, 2010); and the Proceedings of the Art Museum of Estonia (“Different
Modernisms, Different Avant-Gardes. Problems in Central and Eastern European Art after World War II”, 2009; “Art and Political Reality”, 2013).