On Tõnis Tatar’s PhD thesis The Third Way in Soviet Estonian Art: Between the Avant-garde and the Power-minded


  • Holger Rajavee




Aesthetic Experience, Modernism vs Traditionalism, Beauty, “Third Way” in Art


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Author Biography

Holger Rajavee

Holger Rajavee is an external PhD candidate in University of Tartu’s Department of Art History. He graduated from the University of Tartu in 1996 in art history, as has worked from 1996 to 2005 as a research fellow at the Tartu Art Museum. He is  currently working at the University of Tartu’s Viljandi Culture Academy and the Estonian Academy of Music
and Theatre as a lecturer on art and cultural history. He has published articles on art criticism and theory, and curated numerous exhibitions. In his PhD thesis, he deals with philosophical and theoretical problems
related to art that are associated primarily with  aesthetics and the development of the artist persona more generally.