The Archiginnasio, the Seat of the University of Bologna in Modern Times


  • Simona Negruzzo



University of Bologna, architecture, Archiginnasio Palace, Antonio Morandi, Church of Santa Maria dei Bulgari, coats of arms


The Archiginnasio, the Seat of the University of Bologna in Modern Times


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Author Biography

Simona Negruzzo

Simona Negruzzo is Associate Professor of Early Modern History
and European History at the University of Bologna. Studied at the
University of Pavia in Literature and Philosophy and at the University of Strasbourg in History of European Civilization. Received her
PhD in the History of European Society in 1996 at the University of
Milan. Her research mainly focuses on the history of educational and
cultural institutions (colleges, schools and academies), the history of
universities in the early modern period, and related areas. Negruzzo
is member of the editorial board of the following journals: Annali di
storia delle università italiane; Chrétiens et Sociétés, XVIe-XXIe siècles;
Lias. Journal of Early Modern Intellectual Culture and its Sources; Brixia
Sacra. Negruzzo is a member of different research centres (CISUI,
CeSUP, etc.) and also a member of the Ambrosian Academy of Milan.
Recent publications include: La ʻCristiana impresaʼ. L’Europa di fronte
all’Impero Ottomano all’alba del XVII secolo (2017), Europa 1655. Memorie
dalla corte di Francia (2015) and L’armonia contesa. Identità ed educazione
nell’Alsazia moderna (2005).