University of Tartu Professor in the University Landscape (in the First Third of the 19th Century)


  • Lea Leppik



University of Tartu, professors’ residences, Enlightenment, legal rights of the professors, 19th century urban architecture, university landscape


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Author Biography

Lea Leppik

Lea Leppik is the Research Director at the University of Tartu
Museum and Associate Professor in Legal History at the University
of Tartu. Received her PhD at the University of Tartu (2006) on the
topic Social mobility of the employees of the University of Tartu (1802–
1918). Her research focuses on the history of the University of Tartu
and Estonian science, mostly in the 19th and 20th centuries, and
biographies of scientists and social mobility. Since 2004, she has
been editor-in-chief of the series of publications in university and
science history entitled Tartu Ülikooli ajaloo küsimusi. Leppik is also
a member of the council of the Tartu City Museum (since 2007).
Main publications include: Rektor Ewers (2002) and Kalefaktoripojast
professoriks (2011), both of which have been nominated for the annual
prize in Estonian history writing.