The Architectural Image of Moscow University: A Temple of the Enlightenment or a City Manor?


  • Georgy Smirnov



University of Moscow, university ensemble, architecture, Enlightenment, Prince Repnin’s house, Pashkov’s house, Matvey Kazakov, Giacomo Gilardy, Dormidont Grigoryev, Evgraf Turin


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Author Biography

Georgy Smirnov

Georgy Smirnov is the leading researcher at the Department of the
Inventory of Historic Buildings at the State Institute for Art Studies
in Moscow. He studied art history at the University of Moscow.
In 2003, he received a PhD with a work titled Architecture of Public
Buildings in Russian Provincial Towns in the 2nd Half of the 18th Century.
His main fields of research are Russian 18th century architecture
(especially Baroque and Neoclassical) and Central Europe in the
16th–18th centuries. Smirnov has released numerous publications
on the history of Russian architecture and Baroque architecture in
Central Europe. Recent publications include: Inventory of Historic
Buildings and Monuments of Russia. Tver Region (Svod pamyatnikov
arkhitektury i monumentalnogo iskusstva Rossii. Tverskaya oblast), vol.
1–4 (ed. by G. K. Smirnov, 2003–2016); History of Russian Art, vol. 13.
Russian Provincial Art of the second half of the 18th Century (Istoriya
rysskogo iskusstva, Tom 13. Provinzialnoe iskusstvo vtoroi poloviny
18 veka) (ed. by G. K. Smirnov, under completing).