From Campus Landscapes to Knowledge Quarters: How Learning Returned to Its Urban Roots


  • Michael Hebbert



university campus, urban space and architecture, modern university landscape, 20th century architecture, New Urbanism


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Author Biography

Michael Hebbert

Michael Hebbert is Professor Emeritus at the University of
Manchester and University College London. He pursued a PhD with
the late Professor Sir Peter Hall at the University of Reading. His main research fields are the history of town planning, metropolitan
governance, urban design and the street environment and urban
climatology, especially in the context of London and Manchester.
After many years directing the interdepartmental programme in
regional and urban planning at the London School of Economics,
he was appointed as the Chair of Town Planning in Manchester in
1994 and to UCL’s Bartlett School in 2012. Author of London More by
Fortune and Design (1998) and more than a hundred scientific papers,
he has wide-ranging research interests in the history, purpose and
method of urban design, and has served as editor of both Progress
in Planning (Elsevier) and Planning Perspectives (Routledge).