The Ethics of Conserving Modern Art


  • Daria Yankovska
  • Nadiia Chirkova



ethics, restoration, contemporary art, idea, restoration activities, conservation, conference, research, painting


The article discusses the relevance of an ethical approach to the
conservation and restoration of works of contemporary and conceptual
art. The way in which restoration has developed over the last 50 years
has made a huge contribution to the history of art. The origins of this
new field of restoration – the restoration of contemporary art – have
been analysed in the study. Based on the experiences and examples
considered in the article, final conclusions are made and proposals
given regarding contemporary art restoration in Ukraine.


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Author Biographies

Daria Yankovska

Daria Yankovska is a Professor of the Artworks Restoration chair at
the Lviv National Art Academy, Faculty of Fine Arts and Restoration.
She holds a PhD in History and Theory of Arts, gained with her
dissertation Oriental Influences in the Ornament of Ukrainian Icons
of the Late 16th to 17th Centuries. Her main fields of study are art
restoration, cultural heritage, Ukrainian icons, sacred art, Eastern
influences in Ukrainian art, Eastern influences in Fashion. She is the
author of more than thirty scientific, methodological and popular
scientific articles.

Nadiia Chirkova

Nadiia Chirkova is a restorer and a post-graduate student at the
Lviv Academy of Arts. She is currently working on her dissertation
Methods of Restoration of Oil Paintings in Museum Centres of Ukraine in
the 20th and 21st centuries. She restores oil paintings and cooperates
with museums as well as private clients