Vol. 23 (2022): Baltic Journal of Art History 23 Spring/Summer 2022

THE BALTIC JOURNAL OF ART HISTORY is a publication of the
Department of Art History of the Institute of History and Archaeology
of the University of Tartu.
The concept of the journal is to publish high-quality academic articles
on art history of a monographic character or in shorter form. These
articles are focused on new and interesting problems and artefacts
that can help broaden the communication and interpretation horizons
of art history in the Baltic Sea region and Europe. The journal has an
international editorial board and each submitted manuscript will be
reviewed by two anonymous reviewers. The board will pass the
decision on publishing the article on the basis of a short summary as
well as the full text and reviewers’ opinions.
The languages of the journal are English and German, but next to them
also Italian and French.

Published: 2022-09-26