A.1. Aristotle On Poets: a critical evaluation of Richard Janko's edition of the fragments

  • Malcolm Heath Professor of Greek Language and Literature University of Leeds
Keywords: Aristotle, fragments, Philodemus, katharsis


This paper provides a critical examination of Richard Janko’s edition of the fragments of Aristotle On Poets (Janko 2011). Section 1 discusses passages preserved in late ancient texts which Janko assigns to On Poets. Section 2 identifies problems in the evidence preserved in the Philodemus papyri. Section 3 assesses indi­rect evidence for Aristotle’s theory of katharsis, and considers two contested points in Aristotle’s dis­cussion of katharsis in Politics 8: the meaning of mousikē, and the nature of his response to the challenge posed by Plato in Republic 10.


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