Bashkir Verse from the Turkic Perspective

  • Boris Orekhov Faculty of Humanities, HSE University, 11 Pokrovsky Bulvar, Moscow 109028, Russia
Keywords: Bashkir verse, Turkic versification, syllabic verse


The article discusses the statistically identified properties of Bashkir versification in comparison with the existing descriptions of other Turkic versification systems. The focus is on imparisyllabic forms, predominant meters, and peculiarities of rhyme. The study allows concluding that Bashkir Uzun-Kyuy (a regular alteration of 10- and 9-syllable lines) is unique and its equivalents are not found in other Turkic poetic traditions except the Tartar tradition, with which Bashkir verse has common roots. The frequency of Bashkir 9-syllable verse is also unusual as compared with poetry in other Turkic languages. Octosyllabic lines, which are often used together with 7-syllable verse, are common for various Turkic systems and can also be found in Bashkir poetry, most prominently in Kyska-Kyuy (a regular alteration of 8- and 7-syllable lines). More data is needed to judge to what extent the rhythm of Bashkir verse is comparable with the verse rhythm in other Turkic poetic traditions.


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