The Natural Ontological Attitude in a Hermeneutic Context

  • Dimitri Ginev University of Konstanz
Keywords: the natural ontological attitude, hermeneutic fore-structure of scientific research, characteristic hermeneutic situation, proto-normativity, local epistemological positions


My aim in this paper is to re-examine Arthur Fine’s concept of the natural ontological attitude. Whereas earlier critical interpretations focus on the compatibility of NOA with scientific realism, I argue that Fine’s conception is to be recast in terms of an interpretative theory of scientific research. Specifically, I make the case that the hermeneutic reformulation of NOA is unavoidable when at stake are the issues of the structural, conceptual, and experimental articulation of scientific domain. The paper concludes by considering the formation of local epistemological positions in the research process.

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Ginev, D. (2012). The Natural Ontological Attitude in a Hermeneutic Context. Studia Philosophica Estonica, 17-43.