Participative opposition applied

  • Ľudmila Lacková Department of General Linguistics, Palacký University in Olomouc
Keywords: Louis Hjelmslev, opposition theory, participative opposition, protein synthesis, structuralism


Opposition theory is one of the main outcomes of structural linguistics of the last century. While it is still valid and used in the field of phonology, it has not had the same fortune in other linguistic disciplines and has been replaced by other theoretical concepts. The present paper aims to revisit the opposition theory, particularly Louis Hjelmslev’s theory of participative opposition. Participative opposition seems to have a high application potential not only in linguistics but also in other scientific fields. The first part of the paper outlines a brief history of the binary opposition theory within structural linguistics, while the second part introduces the somewhat forgotten concept of participative opposition, shows its explanatory power and, finally, its possible applicability in biology.


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Lacková, Ľudmila. (2022). Participative opposition applied. Sign Systems Studies, 50(2-3), 261-285.