Text semiotics: Textology as survival-machine

  • Dina L. Gorlée Van Alkamadelaan 806, 2597 BC's-Gravenhage


Signifying practices by which living creatures communicate, are, according to Sebeok, the survival-machines. Accordingly, as represented by the semiotic text analysis or Bakhtin's textology, one can speak about a human survival-machine. This has been studied by different semiotic schools (including the Moscow-Tartu school) referring to language, culture, genre and, importantly, text ideology. In this article, the aspects of textology in Peirce's generalized theory of signs become analysed. After a discussion of the concept of text in Peirce's (published and unpublished) writings, its relationship with semiosis and other Peircean categories isshown. The project of elaborating Peirce-based text-semiotics expects that it must be dramatically different from other sign-theoretical text-theories. This may be a path towards more inter-subjective and creative textology.


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Gorlée, D. L. (2000). Text semiotics: Textology as survival-machine. Sign Systems Studies, 28, 134-157. https://doi.org/10.12697/SSS.2000.28.08