Steps towards an ecology of cognition: A holistic essay

  • Sabine Brauckmann Elisabeth-Ney-Str. 1, D-48147 Münster


The essay infonns on Gregory Bateson's holistic approach towards an epistemic view of nature. The ecology of mind relies upon a biological holism serving as a methodic tool to explain living "phenomena", like, e.g., communication, learning, and cognition. Starting from the idea, the smallest unit of information, Bateson developed a type hierarchy of learning that is based on a cybernetic view of mind. The communication model focuses on paradoxa caused by false signification. It leads to a pathogenesis of sckizophrenia that is subsumed under the conception of double binds. This ecosystemic perspective of living processes representsa truly (w)holistic theory of nature.


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Brauckmann, S. (2000). Steps towards an ecology of cognition: A holistic essay. Sign Systems Studies, 28, 397-420.