Интертекстуальный анализ сегодня [Intertextual analysis today]

  • Mikhail L. Gasparov Institute of Russian Language, Russian Academy of Sciences, Volhonka 18/2–26, Moscow 123019


Intertextual analysis today. The paper provides a discussion about recent results and perspectives of intertextual analysis — the method that has been a contemporary with Tartu-Moscow school. The connections between the classical philological methods and intertextual analysis are described, together with specifying the concept of intertext and emphasizing the need for the correctness of a researcher, because such an analysis always carries a danger of overinterpretation. Several examples are used to illustrate how the imagination of a researcher can create arbitrary allusions that are not based on the original text and are usually misleading. As a result, the text under study will not become more clear, vice versa, it turns to be less understandable.



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Gasparov, M. L. (2002). Интертекстуальный анализ сегодня [Intertextual analysis today]. Sign Systems Studies, 30(2), 645-651. https://doi.org/10.12697/SSS.2002.30.2.17