On postmodernism, “the stairs of avant-garde”, and Brodsky

  • Ülle Pärli Dept. of Semiotics, University of Tartu, Tiigi Str. 78, 50410 Tartu


This article attempts to analyse Russian postmodernist poetics, proceeding from the concept of the “trans-semiotic stairs”, as presented by J. Faryno for describing the avant-garde. Examples from various texts are used to demonstrate how postmodernist texts contain divergent processes: the culturally specific and unique dissolves in tautology, meaningful entireties are dispersed into atomized empty particles. The significant teleological model of the avant-garde ceases to function here. A play by J. Brodsky, Marble, is examined on this background, as well as the position of the author that differs from the “postmodernist” context.


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Pärli, Ülle. (2003). On postmodernism, “the stairs of avant-garde”, and Brodsky. Sign Systems Studies, 31(2), 483-498. https://doi.org/10.12697/SSS.2003.31.2.09