Verse semantics of some metres in Uku Masing's poetry

  • Aile Tooming Tallinn University


The article introduces the results of a semantic analysis of Uku Masing's (1909– 1985) early poetry (1926–1943). The metres analyzed are syllabic-accentual trochaic tetrameter, trochaic pentameter, iambic pentameter and dactylic, logaoedic and polymetric hexameters. In each text the textual communicative perspective as well as motifs and tropes of each verse line were examined. The semantic differences and colourings of the metres are most evident in the way of expression, in the viewpoint.


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Tooming, A. (2012). Verse semantics of some metres in Uku Masing’s poetry. Sign Systems Studies, 40(1/2), 177-191.