Being in the world

  • Nathan Houser Institute for American Thought, Indiana University at Indianapolis, 1010 Navajo Trail S. Dr., Indianapolis, IN, 46260–3557
Keywords: consciousness, existential graphs, indexicality, Charles Peirce, reactional sign


This essay addresses a question raised by Helmut Pape: “What logical, semiotical and mental structure does our consciousness have to have in order to establish the proper link between perception, thought and propositional content expressed by indicators?” The answer, it is proposed, is found in Peirce’s Existential Graphs (EG). First, EG is, itself, a model of cognition that provides the formal structure required for such a consciousness. Second, an appropriate semiotical interpretation will give us the requested structure. Third, interpreted as a psychological or perceptual model, EG will represent the links we seek.


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Houser, N. (2015). Being in the world. Sign Systems Studies, 43(4), 560-575.