• Toomas Asser


Academic library has already for 200 years been inseparable from the teaching and research activities
at the University of Tartu. The effect of the library on the university life and work was expressively
summarised by Carl Simon Morgenstern, the first librarian and the founder of the Art Museum of the
Imperial University of Tartu. He said that as a professor, he would not be able to do as much for the
university as a librarian, who can acquire literature on all fields of science and, in such a way, strongly
support the university teaching and research.
The classical task of a research library has always been to provide researchers and students with versatile
academic literature and information. On the other hand, the library has consistently been developing to
become a space where all people can come to study and access knowledge. These opportunities will
become even wider and more welcoming with the digitisation of library collections and the making of
research data accessible for all.


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