Sportsmen coopetition: a case of international dance-sport competition

Audrius Armas


Sport is considered as a field for the development of social skills of competition, cooperation and collaboration. The assumption is made that latter social skills (and their consistency in form of coopetition) have a higher potential for the development in international context. The scientific problem solved during the research is framed by questions: what is the impact of social skills of competition, cooperation and collaboration on sportsmen coopetition?; and what is the impact of international context on the exertion of latter skills? A case of the International Dance-sport Competition “Ambercouple” is considered as the research environment. The aim of the research is to determine the sportsmen coopetition among dance-sport dancers. The research is provided in stages: 1) the context of international sporting event is presented from the point of its suitability for the research: countries are classified in terms of participating amount, winning amount, differences in competence; 2) interviews with coaches are provided to determine their judgments of coopetition possibilities from international point of view; 3) questionnaire research with participants of the competition is provided; and 4) the model of geographic boundaries of coopetition among dance-sport dancers is composed.


collaboration; competition; cooperation; coopetition; dance-sport; sport event

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