Biodynamic characteristics of vertical and drop jumps

Milan Čoh, Mitja Bračič, S. Peharec, P. Bačić, Milovan Bratić, Marko Aleksandrović


The aim of the study was to establish the main kinematic and dynamic parameters that generate the efficiency of vertical and drop jumps. The take-off power was assessed using the following tests: countermovement jump, counter-movement jump with arm swing, jump, drop jump and continuous jump. Kinematic and dynamic parameters of vertical and drop jumps were established using two separate forceplates Kistler Type 9286A and a synchronised 3-D kinematic system CCD SMART-600E. The athlete model was defined with 17 markers sensitive to infra-red light. It was established that the main generators of efficiency in vertical and drop jumps included: take-off velocity, eccentric-concentric time, eccentric impulse, ground contact time and ankle flexion.


diagnostics; kinematics; dynamics; vertical jump; drop jump

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