New records of lichens and allied fungi from the Leningrad Region, Russia. V

Dmitry E. Himelbrant, Jurga Motiejūnaitė, Irina S. Stepanchikova, Gulnara M. Tagirdzhanova


Eight species of lichens and seven lichenicolous fungi are reported from the Leningrad Region. Agonimia repleta, Protoparmelia hypotremella and Stereocaulon taeniarum are reported for the first time for Russia; Clypeococcum cetrariae is new to the European Russia; Lepraria nivalis, Merismatium aff. nigritellum (on Physcia aipolia) and Stigmidium leprariae are new to the North-Western European Russia; Cladonia macroceras, C. strepsilis, Endococcus fusiger, Lichenoconium erodens, Lobothallia melanaspis, Niesslia cladoniicola and Skyttella mulleri are new to the Leningrad Region; Sclerophora coniophaea is new to Saint Petersburg. The most noteworthy records are briefly discussed. 

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