Overview of the organization of clinical nutrition in Tartu University Hospital

  • Liidia Kiisk Tartu University Hospital
Keywords: organisation of dietary nutrition, nomenclature of diets, nutrition counselling


The association between poor nutritional status and treatment outcomes as well as increased healthcare costs have been shown in different clinical settings. Rational health care organization including a nutrition therapy is a theme that is in the centre of attention for physicians, health promoters and social workers. The paper demonstrates the organisation of a nutrition therapy at the Tartu University Hospital where counselling of patients and the medical team have gained much attention recently. In connection with the formation of the food service at the Tartu University Hospital on 1 May 1999 new important issues of management and organisation beside specific dietology issues have gained importance in feeding patients. By today the activities of the Tartu University Hospital in the field of nutrition have been reorganised in connection with the introduction of the electronic case history in the years 2008–2009.


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