Self-perceived physical and health condition of older persons (aged 65-75)


  • Aivars Kaupuzs Rezekne Higher Education Institution, Latvia
  • V. Larins Latvian Academy of Sport Education, Latvia



FINBALT, health, older persons, physical condition


To study health habits is the way how to get information about population’s attitude and knowledge about health. The latest 2006 FINBALT monitoring questionnaire contains full spectrum of questions about health care in Latvia and the Baltic region. The aim of the current review paper is to compare some FINBALT results between the states and regions and find out new facts about self-perceived physical and health condition of older persons (65–75 years old). The data from two 2006 FINBALT Health Monitor for adults aged 55–64 surveys were used to make comparisons in physical activities and health trends between Latvia and Finland. To find out new facts about older persons (65–75 years old) we did a survey of visitors of pensioner day centres in Rezekne and Daugavpils towns. Our survey shows that there is no major difference between the results we got in pensioner day centres and in Latvia during this research, but there is a dramatic difference with the results which were got in Finland. Latvian inhabitants’ self-perceived physical and health condition results are worse than in Finland. In Latvia for older people sedentary life is common (persons who practice 30 minutes long physical exercise at least 2–3 times per week in Finland are 74%, in Latvia – 25%).


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