Adolescents' physical self-perception as related to moderate-to-vigorous physical activity: a one-year longitudinal study


  • Roomet Viira Institute of Sport Pedagogy and Coaching, University of Tartu, Estonia



gender differences, sport competence, physical conditioning, strength, body attractiveness, physical and global self-worth


The aim of the present longitudinal study was to follow the development of self-perceptions during early adolescence. The final samples for this study were 203 adolescents (105 girls, and 98 boys; mean age=15.2, SD=0.57). Adolescents completed Childrenʼs Physical Self-Perception Profile the four subdomain scales (sport competence, physical conditioning, strength, and body attractiveness), the general domain scale of physical self-worth, a global scale of self-worth. Longitudinal research indicates that the boysʼ perceptions of condition, sport, body, strength, physical self-worth and global self-worth were higher and they participated more in moderate to vigorous physical activity compared to girls. Sport and physical self-worth domains were the strongest predictors of moderate to vigorous physical activity for boys. Body and condition domains emerged as important predictors for girls. Our results demonstrate that physical self-perceptions are significant subdomains to physical activity and very stable at a moderate level during early adolescence.


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