The impact of low intensity specific and nonspecific strength-endurance training on submaximal work capacity in trained male rowers


  • Elar Jaakson
  • Jarek Mäestu



strength endurance, rowing, aerobic performance, strength training


The aim of the current study was to compare the effects of general strength endurance and specific strength endurance training cycle to rowing performance in highly trained male rowers. Twelve international and national level male rowers (21.25±1.76 years; height 188.3±4.92 cm; body mass 84.07±5.61 kg; training experience 7.38±2.70 years) took part in this investigation. The first group (n=6) performed low intensity strength endurance trainings using rowing ergometer for specific exercises (Specific group; S), and the second group (n=6) trained for strength endurance without rowing ergometer (Gymgroup; G). The experimental period lasted for four weeks. Stepwise incremental test was performed on the Concept II rowing ergometer (Morrisville, USA) before the first training week. After incremental ergometer test, subjects performed a constant 95% of Pa max test until exhaustion. This test was done 24 hours after incremental test and was performed before Week 1 and after Week 4. The stroke rates of the 95% Pa max test were not significantly different (p>0.05) between the two groups during both testing sessions. Despite the fact that both groups improved their 95% Pa max test results, no significant differences between the groups were found (p>0.05). However, test result was significantly improved only in G group (from 362±108 to 416.5±133 s), while no significant changes were observed in 95% Pa max test result in S group (from 372.8±132.3 to 442.3±153.1 s). No other significant differences were observed either between the two groups or between the two testing sessions (p>0.05). In conclusion, a 4 week non-specific strength endurance training program has an advantage over the specific strength endurance training on rowing ergometer in developing aerobic capacity in male rowers.


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