The Bryophyte Flora of Kaplandede Mountain (Düzce, Turkey)

  • Celal Cangül
  • Tülay Ezer


In this study, the bryoflora of the Kaplandede Mountain was investigated between March and October 2009. After the identification of 625 bryophyte specimens collected from the research area, total of 122 taxa (99 mosses, 22 liverworts, 1 hornwort) were found. Among them according to the grid-square system of Henderson (1961) three liverwort taxa and fifteen moss taxa are new records for A2 grid square. Cephaloziella dentata (Raddi) Steph. and Campylopus flexuosus (Hedw.) Brid. are recorded for the second time from Turkey. Two remarkable moss species, Orthotrichum scanicum Grönvall and Tortula brevissima Schiffn., were also collected from the study area. 


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